The ASI Automatic System Integration GmbH has been established in the field of automation technology for 25 years.


We advise and support our customers, especially production and logistics companies, but also hospitals, when selecting and integrating solutions for data acquisition and/or camera supported product and sample monitoring.

This expertise plays a vital role in laboratories which nowadays attach more importance than ever to quality assurance, increase in efficiency and material flow reliability.

The following aspects should be considered:


Process safety


-labelling, reading, target/actual-comparison (stationary or mobile)


Data Monitoring


-integration of scanners and camera technology as well as interfaces


Documentation of data


-mobile data recording, WLAN, in-house tracking



Application examples:

-Reading of long linear barcodes at maximum speed

-Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV)

-Reading of 96 data matrix codes in a single scanning operation

-Detailed control of small parts and components


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Auto ID Tracking & Traceability


-Pattern / structure / sample tracking

-Date – / batch tracking

-Medical product tracking

-Test stages / levels traceability

-Reading and verifying



Machine Vision:


-colour recognition

-robotics control /steerance

-monitoring of the cap and colour of sample tubes

-examination of the completeness of the packaging and packaging contents

-dimensional measuring

-measurement of filling quantity and sealing

-measurement of edges and planes

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We attach great importance to the qualification of our service technicians!  These receive regular training of the leading maufacturers and experts.

Efficiency Improvement of laboratories

The ASI GmbH has been established for over 25 years in the field of automation technology. Process reliability, data recording and documentation are just some of the many fields we are happy to advise your on.  More information is available under Added Value.

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