The most important aspect of our firm´s philosophy is based on


close customer proximity


For over 25 years this customer proximity has shaped the way we think and operate and has been the basis for our company´s success and progress.


In the fast pace and anonymity of modern life we feel that it is more important than ever for our company management to uphold these principles by pursuing responsible and far-sighted business strategies whilst sustaining a constantly reliable business performance.


The close contact with our customers has given us the incentive to develop further our customer-oriented policies, making us a reliable and valued business partner who can be safely entrusted with planning concepts and putting them into practice.


In addition, the integration and maintenance of a quality management system aimed at constantly optimizing our company procedures in an environmentally-friendly manner plays a vital role in our guarantee of good customer service.

The success of our company is largely the result of our customer orientation, focussing on the actions and reactions of our customer on a daily basis. Together with our high ideals on quality, innovation, flexibility, reliability and honesty, this represents the pillars upon which our company´s philosophy on customer satisfaction is built.



This philosophy is shared by each member of our staff, all whom acknowledge that the success and positive image of a company can only be achieved and developed by gaining the trust of its customers and business partners.


We are happy to advise you!

Simply arrange a personal appointment with us, so that together we can produce an offer that is tailor-made to meet your own requirements.

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We attach great importance to the qualification of our service technicians!  These receive regular training of the leading maufacturers and experts.

Efficiency Improvement of laboratories

The ASI GmbH has been established for over 25 years in the field of automation technology. Process reliability, data recording and documentation are just some of the many fields we are happy to advise your on.  More information is available under Added Value.

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